Behavior Unique to the Pandemic Era That Baffles Me

Extraordinary times mean extraordinary ways to be annoyed

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  1. People who wear masks, but below their noses. Or below their chins. Or have their mask dangling on their chests. Please explain.
  2. Endless emails from travel companies telling me what destinations are hot right now. Oh really? Really?
  3. Vaccine selfies. First of all, who wants to see needles plunging into skin ever? Secondly, getting vaccinated is not an achievement. It’s not that you have completed the New York City marathon at a sub-four hour pace. It’s more like you were waiting at the deli counter and your number got called. Also, isn’t it a little weird to flaunt the fact that you are now safe when a lot of people still aren’t? Call me mystified.
  4. Ads for high heels. HAHAHAHAHA
  5. Me congratulating myself for renewing my passport eleven months ago

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