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Last week, I became convinced that I was living in the worst time in history. The Texas anti-abortion law; Covid and the new variants; Afghanistan; income inequality; the January 6th insurrection; the mad QAnon surfer dad who spear-gunned his children; fires in the Southwest; Andrew Cuomo; climate change; Hurricane Ida…

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Obviously, there are the epic defeats that Covid has delivered— thousands dead, many more thousands seriously ill, economic devastation for countless others. Covid has been unusually cruel in that way. …

My son with our herd of Black Angus

Beware, news stories are warning, this bacon-and-egg sandwich or these baby back ribs might be your last if you live in California. The reason? In 2018, California voters passed animal welfare laws that required chicken, veal, and pork sold in the state to be raised humanely by the beginning of…

Susan Orlean

Staff writer, The New Yorker. Author of The Library Book, The Orchid Thief, and more…Head of my very own book club (join me!)

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